Monday, January 30, 2012

Live From Australia: Tony Hawk Interviews Odd Future During The "Big Day Out" Tour @ Tony Hawk's Dissent TV.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER: Hey, everybody knows that Odd Future et. al. is all "Kool And The Gang" with me, but they should be the 2nd reason that ANYBODY watches this video. No, please be crystal fucking clear that the REAL story here is that Tony Hawk spared precious minutes of his life to even interview these amateur anarchists/hobby sk8rs at all.

If Y.O.U. only know Tony Hawk from his numerous endorsements and his hugely successful video game franchise, but know nothing of his historic tenure with Powell-Peralta® as general of the Bones Brigade and why he is unequivocally the Michael Jordan of skateboarding, Y.O.U. are truly, truly a highly pitiable lost young soul.  SMH. In the profound words of one Rick Ross: "It's deeper than rap". Respect the architects.

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