Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Raf Simons "Chain" Oxford Shoe For Spring/Summer 2012 = "Now, That's What The Fuck I Call A 'Chain Reaction'"

"Here is a great piece from highly coveted Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons with this chain oxford shoe representing a more conceptual side of the designer. With a shape and mould representing a more classic design with a premium leather upper and quality leather sole, the design is defined by the gold chain piping above the midsole providing a unique touch."
Information Courtesy Of: Slamxhype.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Indeed, nearly from day numero uno, I have eagerly employed Livestyle as my personal bully pulpit, an authority from which I have made it my business to excoriate any and all things lame and likewise elevate our collective modern palette to that of a culturally comprehensive sartorial sommelier of sorts capable of truly distinguishing the best from the rest. Me no play, play ... lol. To that end, exploring the timelessness of style as constant and fashion as its tangible cyclical consumer-ready rebirth remains 1 of the great joys of my life! Our latest principle proving primping P.I.M.P. piece comes courtesy of brilliant Belgian design diviner Raf Simons and his sick "Chain" Oxford Shoe for Spring/Summer 2012.

Now, off the rip, yall know that - when executed expertly AND thoughtfully - I am a sucker for classic conservative wardrobe mainstays receiving the 2-shots-of-Booker's-Bourbon-on-an-empty-stomach twist ... lol. The chunky slum gold piping on these bad boys got these standard-issue hard bottoms turnt all the way the fidduck up! On the real, every man over the age of 25 needs to seriously, seriously invest in @ least 1 proper pair of shoes (NOTE: And I damn sure aint talking about some "I'm-not-really-into-the-whole-idea-of-dress-shoes-so-I'll-just-cop-some-all-black-kicks-just-to-get-me-in-the-club" monstrosities either! Stop playing.) and, if you're bold enough, THESE could very well be them. Y.O.U. can't live life scared to pull the trigger homie! Watch and learn. This is Livestyle.


In my sincere pursuit of achieving and championing a greater cultural refinement, the conversation that is Livestyle requires that any individual participating in this ongoing dialogue be fluent in an array of disciplines. As such, when applicable, it is up to me to successfully fulfill my duty of due diligence to identify and clarify any potentially cloudy allusions that I may have made in any given entry ... this shit though? This is a bit different.

I mean, the oft referenced and recycled by the likes of lesser MC's (NOTE: Yup! I am looking directly @ Y.O.U. Remy Ma.) Jay-Z line sourced from his "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)" *Cue Dancehall Reggae Bashment Selector Voice* "chine" shouldn't even need an explanation my nigga. This is basic fly individual protocol my G. Act like Y.O.U. know!

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