Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Brunch Bunch Pt. 173

(NOTE: Astute long-time Livestyle subscribers - if able to look ever so briefly beyond the surface of this bubbly bonanza of girls - might have noticed that in addition to carefully curating a collection of curvaceous cuties each weekend with the often imitated, never duplicated "Brunch Bunch" that I also make an effort to artistically arrange these images in somewhat of a graduated pattern; basically in size order from smallest to largest and placing same sized images in succession of one another. To break up the monotony and give these fanciful portfolios of poontang pie more freedom of flow I will intermittently include some oversized pictures in the midst of smaller pictures; a pattern that remains largely consistent until the wide shot crescendo of the last 5 or so images of each thirst-quenching installment. I mention this all only to illustrate how little of a fuck was given when posting the visual VIAGRA® that is this candid picture of the Svedka Robot Girl AKA Ms. Amber Rose as this week's leadoff hitter. Do Y.O.U. see those thighs, those legs nigga!? #LUST)

Reverend T.D. Jakes Approved.

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