Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Kardashian Family Christmas Card For Holiday 2011 = Dope Picture. Terrible Christmas Card.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: First and foremost, what the fuck kind of True Blood/The Vampire Diaries shit is this? This family photo is like anti-Christmas. When the misinformation Conservative cabal @ FOX News and their soft minded surrogates go off on a tangent about there being some far reaching Liberal/Socialist/Communist (NOTE: Because, afterall, they're all the same thing, right?) conspiratorial "War On Christmas", THIS Kardashian Family Christmas Card for Holiday 2011 is precisely the type of shit they're talking about b.  SMH. I mean, this picture and it's timing is almost inappropriate. When your name is synonymous with vacuous vanity fare why Y.O.U. would choose to release a picture that is all Vanity Fair for the Holidays is beyond me. Un-fucking-believable!

Speaking of "un-fucking-believable", how about Kourtney's ass in this picture though my nigga? It's like Kim and her wagon didn't even suit up and hit the field for this photoshoot. Plus, she's surrounded by pure unadulterated evil 1%er #SWAG in the form of baby pops Scott Disick and their demon spawn Mason ... AKA Son Of #SWAG ... lol. Shit is most definitely real.

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kim kardashian love said...

It was kind of a strange Christmas card - way too big! But it was a cool picture.