Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Supreme Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Collection = Tyler The Creator ... Tailored.

Preview The Entire Collection Online Here: Supremenewyork.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Here before Y.O.U. I blog, a man in complete control of my enthusiasms. So, whilst longtime Livestyle devotees know all too well the utter contempt with which I once viewed the Supreme brand, I have softened my stance - indeed, having taken an attitude adjusting dose of Ex-Lax® if Y.O.U. will (Question: Too graphic? LOL.) - and can now appreciate the high priests of streetwear chic in all of their rightful glory.

Yes, they are a true school New York City born and bred clothing cartel responsible for flooding the streets with varying grades of dope since 1994. That Supreme predates pretentious hipsters current Johnny-come-lately crush on all things skateboard culture is a fact that has NEVER been lost on me. However, also not lost on me is my vigorous sense of self and my lust for aesthetic exploration. To put it in simpler terms, I aint trying to do what everybody else does b. That having been said, to deny myself the indulgence of wearing any particular brand merely because it has become the toast of the morally bankrupt Trendoid class would constitute a crime of the highest order. I would be, in effect, robbing myself! Who does that!? Nope, not me. If I do that, the terrorists win. LOL. To that end, while I still tread lightly on Supreme NYC grounds, it gives me great pleasure to introduce Y.O.U. to the Supreme Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Collection.

Dropping bright and early tomorrow morning this range is stuffed to the gills with fishscale quality goods (NOTE: I know, I know ... I always manage to work some drug references into my writings. Hey, as I've always said, putting "grams in grammar" is just what I do ... lol). Some of these items are no-brainers and some of them are no-gos ... lol. It is what it is. But, on the real, overall I fux with this collection hardbody karate.

Now, of course, str8 from central casting, the usual stars of the show are all here! You've got your 5-Panel camp hats and "box logo" hoodies to be sure, but, what most impresses me with this offering is that, even with ALL of the little HypeBeast kiddies watching, Supreme was not scared to grow! By far some of the best pieces in this collection are the logo-less peacoats, jackets and sweaters all of which represent a well-heeled step in the right direction that sacrifices none of Supreme's rugged identity. Me likey!

The hoodies and the t-shirts and the hats are good money - that's a given - but to limit one's self to so few choices in the face of such great diversity in design would just be fucking stupid. Y.O.U. don't need hella logos screaming your arrival all day, everyday my nig. Trust me, I've been giving it up on some fly shit since I was too young to fuck! LOL. Stop playing. This is Livestyle.


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