Friday, August 5, 2011

Helloooooo Ladies: The Henri Bendel Fall/Winter 2011 Handbag Collection = This Is How Y.O.U. Body A Basic Itchbay On A Budget.

"The modern, perfect handbag is a mix between instantly eye-catching and hard-to-place. Logo-ed It Bags are a thing of the past, and the designs that really whet our whistles these days are unadorned, classically designed, but with a splash of idiosyncrasy. The Henri Bendel handbags are just that—obscure enough to get you serious cool points, but classic enough to keep you totin' them for years to come. And with price-points between $150 to $450, these mid-priced pieces are worthy of a prime spot in your handbag rotation."

Information Courtesy Of: Refinery29.Com

Available Online Here: Henribendel.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: On numerous occasions it has come to my attention that whilst everything that I publish to this online manual dedicated to the edifying refinement of discovering the "finer things" in life is always of an unquestionably dope pedigree, far too many of my highlighted selections are simply too expensive for the average person to ever dream of actually owning. I feel your pain. Everyday is a hustle for me too homie. Don't get it fucked up!

That having been said, however, what many view as daunting, I view as daring. Indeed, what many view as cost prohibitive, I simply view as motivational. As the saying goes, "Perception is reality" or at least - with special caution paid to NOT diluting ones self - it is YOUR reality. I just happen to prefer to work hard and remain aspirationally optimistic, ya dig?

Anyway, trite self-help sounding hype-machine blather aside though, I do know that it is important for me to publish some awesomeness that Y.O.U. can actually go cop right nizzow! That Chopard watch is mighty nice, but what the fuck are Y.O.U. rocking to-night? LOL. To that end, Livestyle Ladies please say hello to the Henri Bendel Fall/Winter 2011 Handbag Collection.

Established waaaaaaaaaay back in 1885 by miliner Henri Willis Bendel, this specialty women's store has the impressive distinction of being the 1st visionary retailer to bring the revolutionary modernist designs of Coco Chanel from Paris to upscale shoppers in the United States. In the century plus since it's founding, Henri Bendel has remained an ardent champion of new talent acting as a millionaire merchandise matchmaker of sorts regularly introducing today's top tier socialites to the most exciting designers - both known and on the verge alike - season after brilliant season. Truly democratic decadence @ it's finest! Not to be outdone, Henri Bendel as a brand also releases their own signature collections from time-to-time showcasing their inspired ideology.

Now, it is not uncommon for certain retailers shopping bags to become as iconic as the store itself and such is the case with Henri Bendel. The brand is well-known for its brown-and-white striped shopping bags and have ingeniously infused that unmistakable motif - along with other geometric patterns - into their handbag range for Fall/Winter 2011.

Offering a wide variety of bags - from your standard shoulder bag to shoppers and totes - in a mix of supple leather and embossed snakeskin, this collection of classic style with just the right splash of citified whimsy is perfect for my fly misses out there who are NOT stuck on the obvious. Everybody's done Gucci and Louis Vuitton; try coppin' a brand that they DON'T make knockoffs of for once homie ... lol. Oh yeah, and with a friendly price point between $150 to $450 Y.O.U. don't have to break the bank to break necks mama! Fuck with a real nigga! This is Livestyle.

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