Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Helloooooo Ladies x Gentlemen: The Original Barrel Lace By Jeffrey For Sperry® Top-Sider = Fly Shit On Deck!

Available Online Here: Sperrytopsider.Com (Men's) x Sperrytopsider.Com (Women's)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: As we now enter the "dog days" of Summer 2011, one would hope to squeeze in as much sunshine as possible before the colorful quilt that is Autumn envelopes our lives once again. Smh. It's fucking August already! Clearly with little daylight savings time left to spare some bold choices may have to be made in order to ensure that you've made the proper statement this season (NOTE: And, of course, that statement as always is, "I am a heroin chic individual of the highest order come rain or shine and my brand of dope is the best thing since OxyContin hit the 'burbs, ya heard!?). Enter the Original Barrel Lace by Jeffrey for Sperry® Top-Sider.

Jeffery Kalinsky - owner and namesake of the Jeffery store - has once again lent his discerning eye and eloquent taste to the legendary Sperry® Top-Sider imbuing this iconic American shoe with his unmistakable panache.

This refurbished classic now comes to us via a brilliantly fashion forward collection in a cornucopia of vibrant colors available for both men and women. Pair these boat shoes, wedges and pumps (NOTE: Composed of succulent suede and metallic, patent leather and/or suede for women) with some fresh Hamptons-esque gear and do the damn thing! Pardon my accent.

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