Wednesday, August 3, 2011

British Drug Dealers Are About To Have To Pay Out The Arse To Score Some "Kisses And Hugs"! (NOTE: That's Cockney Rhyming Slang For Drugs Mate.)

"Largest Hard Drug Bust in British History
Published: August 3, 2011

LONDON — British authorities said on Wednesday that they had seized the largest shipment of illicit hard drugs — known as Class A drugs — in the country’s history, and that the seizure had led to the arrests of six people suspected of working with an international narcotics ring.

The UK Border Agency said that it had seized more than 2,600 pounds of almost pure cocaine in June, with an estimated street value of up to £300 million, or more than $490 million. The haul was found inside a luxury yacht at the Southampton docks on the southern English coast in June.

Since then, the British authorities have worked with Dutch police to track the members of the gang they believe to be responsible. The arrests came on Tuesday in the Netherlands.

The agency said in a statement that its crime team had tracked the luxury yacht Louise, said to be worth more than £1 million, as it was transported to Southampton from the British Virgin Islands on a cargo ship.

The subsequent search took six days, the agency said, and the drugs were finally found stashed beneath the boat’s bathing platform, having been packed there in Venezuela.

The seizure formed part of an operation with the Dutch police, acting on intelligence provided by the British Serious Organized Crime Agency, or S.O.C.A., and in cooperation with other agencies and countries, including France.

The UK Border Agency estimated the drugs’ value at £50 million wholesale, with a street value of £300 million. It said the cocaine, which originated in South America, was 90 percent pure. The average purity of cocaine seized at the British border is 63 percent."

Read The Full Article Here: NYTimes.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Hold up! So, a month or so back in early June, niggas just ran down on a $1 million yacht off the southern English coast and str8 seized 2,600 pounds of 90% pure (NOTE: A level of purity that as almost unheard of!) cocaína that carried an estimated street value of damn near half a billy in U.S. dollars!? Whaaaaaaaaaat!? BREAKING NEWS: This just in. Unconfirmed reports indicate that, upon hearing this horrific news, many rappers became unconsolable and were visibly shaken. Yes, as I type this, somewhere Pusha T gently weeps ... lol.

Nahh, all jokes aside though yall need to know 2 things regarding this trafficking catastrophe: 1) A few people already got themselves and their entire families cooked behind this major fuck up. Beelee that. 2) To paraphrase the famous and oft referenced words of Alexander Graham Bell, "When one port closes another one opens ...". LOL! The drought that this massive drug bust is sure to cause is most definitely going to hit Western Europe hard, but, especially @ this rarefied level of illicit activity, there is ALWAYS more work on the way my nigga. Stop playing. Scared money don't make money.

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