Friday, August 5, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Meek Mill x Rick Ross - "I'ma Boss" (Take 2)(Directed By Benny Boom)(Official Music Video)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: See, now THIS is some real shit. Say what Y.O.U. will about Rick Ross (NOTE: And, nope, I aint sidestepping NONE of the unflattering truths that I have spoken about him with regard to his mega-popular brand of questionably cut cocaine quotables), but this is how Y.O.U. set up a new artist the right way! Fuck the dumb shit.

Please understand that in the bizzaro universe that is today's music industry NOBODY - save only a handful of perennially platinum and possibly gold artists - gets the greenlight for a video production budget that can afford them the talents of a heavyweight director like Benny Boom. Nope, not these days scrap. Y.O.U. might remember that a decent video for "I'ma Boss" already dropped like 2 months ago, but given what this joint is doing to the streets, that clearly wouldn't be enough.

Apparently rightly recognizing that they have the record of Summer 2011 on their hands the "powers that be" had the presence of mind (NOTE: A rarity in an industry filled with spineless dickriders and contemptibly complacent "collect-a-check" execs just happy to have a job) to grant "Rookie Of The Year" candidate Meek Mill a 2nd chance @ greatness and even greater national exposure with a new and improved visual to complement and properly showcase his smash single. Hey, as an artist myself, it's nice to see a record label actually do something right for a change ... lol. This is a great look for the boy Meek Milly, the gritty city of Philly, Señor Rozay, M.aybach M.usic G.roup, Def Jam, et. al. I aint nothing but happy for that young man right there. Good shit!

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