Friday, July 22, 2011

White Girl Fight RD. 1: Kreayshawn Vs. The Chick From The "Education Connection" Commercial = Snow Bunnygedon!

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Attention! Attention! Attenzione! While the rest of the internet is up in arms (NOTE: Or about as up in arms as one's "Caps Lock" key would permit them to be) over the reckless abandon with which Kreayshawn's friend and fellow White Girl Mob member V-Nasty all too freely slings the "N-Word" (NOTE: An unfortunately NOT so uncommon phenomenon that as troubling as it is on so many levels I have neither the time nor the desire to appropriately examine @ this juncture. That having been said, I will, however, note that we as Black people have an awkwardly heavy hand in the proliferation and casual usage of the word that is worth discussing @ length ... just not now ... because it's too muthafuckin' hot ... lol.), I am actually more offended by the fact that ANYBODY considers this bitch Kreayshawn a RAPPER!!!! Smh. This can't be life.

Fuck the dumb shit though, on the real, my go-to White girl starring in this Education Connection commercial is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay iller than lil miss "Gucci Gucci". Yall niggas (NOTE: Yup, and after all that I still said it!) is buggin' if Y.O.U. say different b! Ehhhhhhhhh, shorty aint the worst ever, but ... still. Stop playing.


(DISCLAIMER: I am ONLY posting the video for Kreayshawn's hit(?) song "Gucci Gucci" in the interest of comparative analysis. Don't get it fucked up.)

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