Tuesday, July 12, 2011


(LtoR: My brother Jason and I @ a New Jersey Nets home game for my birthday Circa March 2008)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Alas, it is once again that time of year when the veneer that is my legendarily reserved comportment gives way to glorious outbursts of gushing praise for my younger brother, Jason AKA Niketown. Fuck it! Yall know how I give it up for my loved ones. "Bulletproof love is what I shows for my set, like I've got a Kevlar® heart pumping in my chest ..." (NOTE: Ya damn right I quote myself!)

Gone are the days when "noogies" and spontaneous beatdowns were an appropriate and, indeed, essential part of a balanced diet when raising a younger sibling to be the polar opposite of a sucker. And, guess what!? All that tough L.O.V.E. worked! Today, I can clearly say without equivocation that I regard my brother as one of my closest confidants, a valued advisor and truly my best friend.

Now, surely he follows in my highly favored Comme des Garçons Chuck Taylor-made footsteps - and I would never shirk my responsibility to serve as a spotty, yet still largely luminous guiding light for him - however, he has NEVER allowed himself to embrace the marginal existance of a lazy lad merely content to reside in the comfort of my grandiose shadow. No, instead he has quietly become a completely capable hood star in his own right. Be clear, the Blood Royal of the Family Livestyle is very real and will only become stronger with each day! We are UNFUCKWITABLE!

To that end, @ this time I would like to cordially invite one and all to please join me in wishing my formerly little brother a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Y.O.U. know the rules: If Y.O.U. aint fam, you're just a fan. This is Livestyle.

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Wor Whosane said...

Yaowza bub!!! What it duz cuz?!How's the fan? I see J's grown!!!! It's you're big homie Wor Whosane!!!! How's everything fan? Congrats on the site too! When you get a chance check us out on kushcowboy.com. Hit me up!!!!