Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fresh T-Shirts! Get Your Fresh Limited Edition C.rooks V.ault V.ado "Slime Flu" T-Shirt Here!

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CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Tonight Cam'ron's most notable "Dipset Replacement Killer" and fellow life long Harlem representer, Vado, is pulling double duty unveiling both his solo mixtape "Slime Flu" and the Crooks & Castles sponsored collabo t-shirt that accompanies his latest overture to the streets.

Although New York City is a fashion capital and our diverse denizens regularly occupy the driver's seat for international pop culture, curiously, most of our new Hip Hop acts choose to climb the ladder of success naked - that is they either blindly forgo or simply ignore the intrinsic value of the creative cross-market collaboration in today's new media landscape. Basically, it's not nearly enough to merely be a "good rapper" in this ultra competitive climate where an artist must not only do battle with other acts playing musical chairs @ x___________________________ (Insert Random Major Or Independent Record Label Name Here.), but also struggles to seize the fleeting attention of today's fickle consumer.

Apparently, Vado got the memo and wisely hooked up with the sultans of streetwear @ Crooks & Castles and cooked up some cut and sew crack just in time for Summer 2010. Emblazoned with the signature Crooks & Castles re-rendered Versace Medusa's head rocking a bandit style bandana, the official limited edition "Slime Flu" C.rooks V.ault V.ado t-shirt goes on sale tonight @ the meet and greet @ Goliath NY in Harlem, NY and will be available while supplies last. Get yours!

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