Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Beauty & Youth x Sperry Top-Sider "Sea Mate" Deck Shoes = Yachtzee!

"One of the classic Summer footwear is the deck shoes which never goes out of style and looks the part for the hot climate. However the draw back to this classic design is that it is a little hard to differentiate between deck shoes and stand out in the crowd. The answer to that problem might just be the trio of Sea Mate deck shoes exclusively designed by Beauty & Youth and Sperry Top-Sider. Canvas upper is split up into two colors and sits atop a vulcanized sole that creates a casual outlook. Marine influenced blue, red or yellow colors are matched with natural canvas color. These would look great with shorts or quarter length pants and will drop on Wednesday, May 19th at Beauty & Youth."

Information Courtesy Of: Freshnessmag.Com

Available Online Here: Beautyandyouth.Jp

(SPECIAL EDITOR'S NOTE: Between technical difficulties with a sickly computer and personal distractions I fully realize that Livestyle has recently seen less than the prodigious output that Y.O.U. have come to expect and that I aspire to provide. I apologize. Please be assured that the grind don't stop and that everything will be in proper order quite soon. Oh yeah, I'm still looking to switch platforms, so any WordPress wizards need to holla @ me ASAP! Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming already in progress.)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Although I will most likely NOT be setting foot aboard a yacht this Summer fashion allows us all the wonderful opportunity to work a little of escapism into our wardrobes. I mean, I have yet to scale the side of a snow capped mountain, but that has never stopped me from wearing the shit out of a North Face Steep Tech™ ... surely Y.O.U. feel me homie. Likewise, one need not own a waterfront dock in Sag Harbor, New York to enjoy the perfectly preppy Beauty & Youth and Sperry Top-Sider "Sea Mate" Deck Shoes.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am admittedly quite partial to the classic Americana/W.hite A.nglo S.axon P.rotestant palate (NOTE: Thank Y.O.U. very much Ralph Lauren ... lol), so the current renaissance that the deck shoe is experiencing is just fine by me. As a persnickety traditionalist whom greatly appreciates attention to detail and respect paid in full to enduring style, I am especially glad that this seafaring collabo didn't see Beauty & Youth get too wavy with the colors and, instead, wisely chose to incorporate the typical nautical colors of blue, yellow and red ... please leave the bright neons to the peons ... lol.

While the long term wearabilty of these white canvas shoes is seriously in question (NOTE: Like, really, even the yellow sample shoe pictured above is already dirty! What chance do these bad boys stand against my father's famous barbecue sauce?), I feel like a grown man's "Hot Times, Summer In The City" dress code should NOT be limited to Nike Air Force One's, jean shorts and white tees - let's be civilized. Deck shoes on deck!

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