Thursday, June 30, 2011

Say What!?

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Well, clearly ALL kinds of people - even political analysts that are paid to at the very least feign objectivity - feel like they can say whatever the fuck they want about President Barack Obama. Hmmmmm, it couldn't be because he's our (NOTE: Or "THEIR") nation's 1st Black Commander In Chief though, right? Nahhh. Smh. And, this particular ad hominem attack on President Obama came from a so-called Liberal journalist while appearing on the so-called completely Liberal MSNBC network. Joe Scarborough AND Mika Brzezinski set this Mark Halperin fool up lovely with the good ole "Suuuure, you've got a 7 second delay" trick ... lol. Y.O.U. already know how Fox News gets down, but THIS!? With friends like these ...

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