Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Nike Air Max 90's (Wolf Grey/Blue) For Summer 2011 = A Good Look For All My 90's Crimeys!

"Take a look at the latest Air Max 90 set to release. No, this pair doesn’t feature Hyperfuse as some of the previous editions that we’ve reviewed had. Instead, these have a rather normal construction of mesh and leather. White, blue, and grey take the realms of the colorway, providing a nice blend for the overall look of the shoe. Nike Sportswear locations are expected to stock up on these in July so check for them there or Crooked Tongues."

Information Courtesy Of: Sneakerwatch.Com

Available Online (Starting In July) Here: Crookedtongues.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: As high minded and far reaching as my many interests are, deep down I'm really just a Brooklyn boy @ heart whom truly does appreciate the simple pleasures that life has to offer. The finer things don't necessarily have to be astronomically priced designer things. Case In Point: These Nike Air Max 90's (Wolf Grey/Blue) for Summer 2011.

Honestly, there's nothing new here (NOTE: Besides the colorway which is a dead ringer for the O.G. Brooklyn Dodgers jersey flag), however, as with many retros, it is precisely that understated nostalgiac familiarity which makes a Fulton Street/Albee Square Mall (R.I.P.) veteran such as myself reveal a brilliant Colgate® brushed slum gold FRONTS (NOTE: "Grills" baby? Word? I thought we cleared this up years ago. SMH. Y.O.U. must be fresh off the farm ma.) smile whenever I see kicks like these. Yup, I like walks in the park, quiet dinners, great conversation AND classic sneakers ... lol. This is Livestyle.

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