Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nispey Hussle - Keys To The City (Official Music Video)(Directed By Dan The Man)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Big S/O to my brother-from-another-mother Mandalay Jay AKA Mandalay McConaughey for putting me up on the homie Nipsey Hussle awhile back (NOTE: A little over 2 years ago to be exact) and relentlessly knocking his latest mixtape "The Marathon". Word up, 99.9% of these new rappers just don't move me ... so I don't even waste my most valuable time checking for niggas like that anymore. Thankfully, Nipsey Hussle is consistently a welcome exception.

Yup, just like Mr. "Young Jizzle With The Stamp In The Middle" himself, the "Slauson Boy" is an expert in crafting compelling soundtracks for those of us that slow grind it out and know how to survive a drought. "OMG! I'm ill as shit. Money is my medicine. Shout out to my niggas in the pen text messaging ..." Wooooooooooo! Act like Y.O.U. know bro. Good shit!

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