Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PREVIEW: The mastermind JAPAN x Timberland 6 Inch Construction Boots Collabo For Spring/Summer 2012 = Velveeta® Cheese For The Win!

"For Spring/Summer 2012 Timberland has collaborated with mastermind JAPAN on their iconic and classic 6 Inch boot. The brand keeps the wheat colored classic upper, yet adds other nice details, including a metal logo on the heel, as well as a special zip closure system. The boots will release Spring/Summer 2012 in very limited quantities."

Information Courtesy Of: Highsnobiety.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Long live "Cheese" Timbs! Yes, the mastermind JAPAN x Timberland 6 Inch Construction Boots collabo for Spring/Summer 2012 proves to be a brilliant blend of rugged American classicism meets Tokyo, Japan nouveau riche pricey Punk cool that has resulted in a surprisingly dope pair of boots that only furthers celebrated Timberland's hood legacy for the ages.

I mention "surprisingly" for the mere fact that although I welcome the creative combination of contrasting aesthetic principles, I can be rather restrained with regard to ALL matters of good taste (NOTE: Especially when it comes to revamping a beloved Brooklyn corner boy staple such as the Timberland boot). Indeed, my consistently demanding standards dangle ever so perilously like the Sword of Damocles (NOTE: Google it!) above my crisp Mitchell & Ness snapback cap as a constant reminder of my responsibility to ALWAYS keep it fly. Fuck it! I've gotta do me.

In any event, the O.G. Timberland 6 Inch "Constructs" have been enjoying a late innings comeback in recent years that has seen this legendary symbol of American workwear reworked by some of contemporary streetwear's finest labels.

This latest surely über limited edition incarnation sees the standard wheat colored nubuck Timbs get the luxe laceup treatment courtesy of front zipper closures, twisted "medium brown" laces, "mastermind JAPAN" logos across the heel, "mastermind JAPAN" and "Timberland" each stamped on 1 of the pairs tongues and, the pièce de résistance, a silver pin relief of the signature mastermind "Jolly Roger" emblem affixed to the lower side portion of each boot replacing Timberland's iconic "Tree" logo. Me likey.

See, in 2011 every homebound newbie with a Niketalk log-in goes all kind of Hypebeast whenever some not-so-special-anymore-thanks-to-greedy-shortsighted-oversaturation pair of "special" edition Air Jordans and Foamposites drops but, on the real, niggas don't know about exclusive Timbs like that my nigga ... and it is precisely THAT lack of expert understanding that makes copping a pair of these ALL the more worthwhile! LOL. Spend that bank and walk the plank!

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