Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nike "Earl And Tiger" Commercial.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Thanks to his consistent insistence on de-emphasizing and even outright denying his apparently "Unforgivable Blackness" and subsequent invention of this so-called "Cablinasian" tribe that he comes from, I have never been the biggest Tiger Woods fan.

I know full well how talented he is and have great respect for his unparalleled dominance of his sport, but, as stated @ the outset, I am not feeling his whole "I'm-not-really-Black" shtick and, to boot, I don't give too much of a fuck about golf in the 1st place. That notwithstanding, homie cheated on his wife with women who knew exactly what they were getting into and in spite of sending waaaaaaaaaaaay too many lame ass self-incriminating "lovey dovey" text messages to these hookers (NOTE: None too pimp like @ all my friends ... lol), I cannot in good conscience support the current promulgation of his public pariah status.

Yes, this brand new commercial is a tad bit eery (what with his dead father's voice all over the place delivering some uncannily timely advice to his son), but I also think that it is yet another masterful strategic marketing move from the good people up @ Nike. Respect the game.

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