Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 4/20, 2010!!!! = When Bloodshot Eyes Are Smiling.

Brush Up On Your 4/20 History Online Here: The Official "Sticky-Icky" Wiki Page

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Yes, once again the chief high holy holiday of High Times Magazine subscribers is upon us. I invite curious onlookers to keep an eye towards the Heavens as dutiful Dutch Master® rollers and proud polyamorous pot puffers of all persuasions put 1, 2 OR 25 in the sky (NOTE: This year the challenge is to, on scale of course, recreate the travel industry crippling volcanic ash clouds that currently blanket Iceland and much of Northern Europe). Although my cotton-mouthed stoner munchies days are well behind me, I have nothing but admiration for the millions of marijuana enthusiasts whom embrace 4/20 as their personal holiday. Merry Spliffmas! LOL.

So, without further ado, whether Y.O.U. smoke that "Reggie Bush" or possess a more mature palate that savors the flavor of a full bodied bud of Sour Diesel, I beckon Y.O.U. to free your baggies and Ziploc® brand sandwich bags of their lush contents, stuff your cigars, pipes, bongs, bowls and vaporizers, grab your lighters and spark 1 up for the good times! Cheers!

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