Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Living The "Suite" Life Of Zack & Cody: The Waldorf Astoria's The Waldorf Towers "Sex And The City 2" Movie Package = Do It Up Like Carrie & Co.

"I would rather gouge my eyes out with the heel of a mold-encrusted Manolo than see Sex and the City 2 , set to be unleashed in theaters on May 27th.

(For the record, I liked the HBO series, but was appalled by the first movie, which apparently makes me a lonely heretic, since it did very well in the box office.)

Still, I cannot ignore the buzz that's building around the sequel, and Manhattan's Waldorf Astoria's The Waldorf Towers is offering a Sex and The City Movie package, which is actually a pretty good deal. Stay for two nights at $300, double occupancy, eat cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, drink two Cosmos at the hotel's Bull & Bear restaurant, get two 60-minute spa treatments (one per person), and... two tickets to see the blessed movie itself. You can also take the Sex and the City NYC tour.

Nota bene, these activities probably won't have anything to do with the new movie, which centers around a trip to Abu Dhabi (filmed in Morocco). And it has to be said that these Manhattan-based activities are starting to feel a little retro, since let's face it, it's been 12 years since the series started airing and six years since it stopped -- but hey, nothing's wrong with a little nostalgia. Other hotels in the city are also offering similar packages.

The package runs May 1st to August 30th, but movie tickets are only available when the movie is in theaters. And if history's any indication, given the track-record of these sort of sequels, the run could be short -- so if this package intrigues, book earlier rather than later."

Information Courtesy of: Luxist.Com

Visit The Waldorf Astoria Hotel Online Here: Waldorfnewyork.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS:  The Livestyle authority of better living through cultural refinement dictates that an individual accurately assess and, subsequently, go about the means of possessing and enjoying all that this splendid life has to offer - irrespective of price.  Now, while it is true that luxury often comes @ a steep premium, that is not an absolute.  Indeed, it is incumbent upon the educated enthusiast to be able to recognize and take relentless advantage of a great bargain ... only a fool habitually pays retail ... lol. To that end, it would be criminally negligent of me to not apprise Y.O.U. of the ridiculously cheap "Sex And The City" Movie Package @ New York City's legendary Waldorf Astoria's The Waldorf Towers Hotel.

This limited time promotional package celebrating the release of the revenge of everybody's favorite Manolo Blahnik heeled mob is a no brainer: $300 gets Y.O.U. a 2 night stay accommodations for 2 in the Waldorf Towers, delicious and massively frosted cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery (NOTE: A favorite of mine second only to my lady's homemade cupcakes), 2 Cosmos @ the hotel's Bull & Bear restaurant, 2 60-minute spa treatments (1 per person), and, obviously, 2 tickets to see the actual movie - duh. Like, in NYC a glorified junkie motel like Best Western can easily run Y.O.U. a $150 a night; and don't even get me started on tallying up the extras. Follow these helpful steps: 1) Guesstimate how much you've blown on obscenely overpriced bottle service in x_____________________ (insert random douche bag nightclub name here). 2) Smack yourself in the face. 3) Book the Waldorf Astoria's The Waldorf Towers "Sex And The City 2" Movie Package.

Hey, sure I could do without the cosmos (NOTE: I much prefer the warm of embrace of a well aged Whiskey and/or Bourbon myself) and I will go on record as of right NOW that my shorty is free to invite along any friend of hers whom is even remotely interested in seeing this Sexy sequel, but I am NOT about to pass up this opportunity for an awesome stay-cation in a sumptuous suite high atop Park Avenue overlooking my hometown metropolis. Stop playing.

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