Wednesday, April 7, 2010

GROW UP: The Limited Edition Tudor "Tiger Woods" Prince-Date Chronograph Watch Is Above Par!

Checkout A Current eBay Limited Edition Tudor "Tiger Woods" Prince-Date Chronograph Watch Here: It's Tiger Time!

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: I have never claimed to be a know it all. In fact, Livestyle serves as the last refuge for the urban and urbane intellectually curious - I happen to learn much by simply assembling these stellar posts for your viewing pleasure. Additionally, although I am the chief curator of Livestyle and responsible for 99% of the entries published here, I receive generous amounts of help by way of inspiration from my closest friends and even some strangers too ... lol.

My latest revelatory experience of refinement occurred recently whilst cruising around the still brimming with excitement renewed streets of New York City with my big homie/business partner and fellow entrepreneur, China. As a former jeweler specializing in prestige watches he is my go-to guy concerning all high end horological matters and he just put me on to the discontinued Limited Edition Tudor "Tiger Woods" Prince-Date Chronograph Watch.

Astute readers will notice that, today, Tiger Woods is sponsored by TAG Heuer - this relatively rare watch pre-dates that collaboration. Now, for the uninitiated, it is important that Y.O.U. learn about the Tudor watch brand. Although the Tudor watch name is little known outside of exceptional collector's circles and, to my encyclopedic Hip Hop knowledge, has never been dropped in a ballerific song, this storied company sits right next to Rolex on the board of prized watches.

Following his success with Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf launched the Tudor brand in 1946 and the rest is timekeeping history. On the real, quiet as kept, Tudor is basically a Rolex watch; they share the same parts and movements. Ralph Lauren Polo has the unfortunate and damn near worthless CHAPS brand and, well, that's a b-a-d comparison because Tudor watches are valuable and, in some cases, even command higher prices than their popular Rolex brethren.

Anyway, before he won a gang of Masters tournaments, filled his closet with an arsenal of green jackets and stuck his wang in a few too many chicks, Tiger Woods hit the links with Tudor. Originally ringing @ the registers for something in the neighborhood of $600, pieces from this out of production series regularly command $2,000 and better on the open market.

Ignorance is a friend to no one, do NOT let the fact that Tudor aint a poppin' name or that prices for their instruments don't top out @ dizzying financial heights prevent Y.O.U. from appreciating this legendary brand. Oh yeah, Tudor watches aren't sold in the States either. Happy hunting! Holla @ ya boy in BK!

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