Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The New LACOSTE® L!VE Collection = This Is Livestyle ... Literally!

Visit LACOSTE® L!VE USA Online Here: Lacoste.Com/Live/USA

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: To be sure, in these economic times of peril, even well insulated legacy brands have seen their typically solid financials take a brutal beating in the current market. Indeed, only the highest of the highend makers of luxury goods have managed to ascend the turbulent crosswinds that rattle lesser labels. And they solely have the detestable arrogantly affluent 1% to thank (NOTE: Y.O.U. know, the stuffed shirt guys that everybody gathered down @ #OccupyX_____________________ (Insert name of any number of international well meaning, yet quickly unravelling amorphous Neuvo-Hippie makeshift protest tent cities here), because those guy's pockets are unfadable! LOL. The rest of us - companies and common man alike - are not so lucky.

In the world of contemporary fashion this truth has seen many storied brands - in an attempt to siphon sales off of the ever resilient youth market - pair their good names with some of today's leading cutting edge outfitters; the results running the gamut from awesome offerings showcasing the contrasting brilliance of old and new to contrived clusterfucks that reek of the stinky perfume that is desperation. Thankfully, the new LACOSTE® L!VE line represents the former. Officially launched just a couple of months back in September of this year, LACOSTE® L!VE is much more than a convenient collaboration. Nope! LACOSTE® has created a younger, more vibrant brand and, as such, has positioned it independently from the original flagship label - La Chemise Lacoste - which was founded by René Lacoste and André Gillier in France waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1933.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I've gotta keep it a buck with yall: Up until today I had been kinda heavy handed on the "SNOOZE" button with this offshoot. Lacoste has had a curious history in the hood. Starting sometime during the mid 1980's, as young felonious fashionistas used aluminum foil lined shopping bags to foil clothing sensors in department stores on their way to cutting out a nice slice of the "American Pie" for themselves, pricey purveyors of the preppy aesthetic such as Ralph Lauren Polo, Fila, Benetton and LACOSTE® set the streets on fuckin' fire! Coming up in Flatbush, Brooklyn I even remember the Izod Posse. SMH. Yall don't feel me.

In any event, LACOSTE®'s star faded for a time, but made a strong resurgence around 2004 and has pretty much held steady ever since. That having been said, however, I can be an unapologetic fashion snob, so when I saw 1-too-many fake Nike ACG boots wearing derelicts getting crazy with the green "Crocodile" logo ... I had to chill. Nothing personal my nigga ... I just don't do the obvious.

Now though, with the introduction of this new highly imaginative collection of colorblock hoodies, bold long sleeve plaid shirts, large "Croc" graphic jackets (NOTE: Perfect for "flamming"), uniquely printed polos and more I have A LOT to look forward to! Y.O.U. already know the colorblock hoody with the large "L" and signature "Croc" is ALL mine hombre! LOL. Y.O.U. see it. This is Livestyle.

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