Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keep It On The Download: PUSH! Montana - When Push Comes To Shove 2 (Hosted By DJ Drama)

Check out my official Gangsta Grillz mix-tape with DJ Drama - When PUSH! Comes To Shove Vol. 2.
This mix-tape is the long-awaited follow up to the 2008 release of When PUSH! Comes To Shove Vol. 1, which was hosted by DJ Kay Slay and DJ Radio. Features on Vol.2 include Maino, Young Chris, Killa Kyleon, Count of LEP Bogus Boys, Smoke Dza, Freddie Gibbs, Nipsey Hussle, Wink Loc and more and notable production by Statik Selektah, Rico Beats, Alchemist and more!!"
Download Link(s): 1) PUSH! Montana - When Push Comes To Shove 2 (Hosted By DJ Drama) x 2) PUSH! Montana - When Push Comes To Shove 2 (Hosted By DJ Drama)

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS:  One of the latest trends sweeping the world of Hip Hop music is that of established artists crafting sequels of their heretofore most acclaimed works.  However, whereas this currently popular practice often serves as a career crutch and is a transparently desperate gimmicky attempt on the part of many acts to connect their successful past with their uncertain future, for a handful of talented boom-bap auteurs, such invocations of a previous project are truly a return to their personal classics and a welcome addition to their still growing legacy.  Such is the case with PUSH! Montana and his DJ "And Like That ... We're Gone!" Drama hosted "When Push Comes To Shove" Vol. 2.

All personal bias aside, my brother-from-another-mother, PUSH!, is on an upward trajectory - whether the Hypebeast controlled message boards realize it yet or not - that few (NOTE:  And I literally mean like less than 10 other currently active rappers.) can match OR catch!  Yall aint gotta take my word for it, but Y.O.U. should.  I mean, seriously, I have spent the better part of the last 3 years curating a far reaching and diverse platform of interests for ALL members of the greater Livestyle community to draw inspiration from and reference in their day-to-day lives.  My nigga PUSH! caters that "Soul food, for your soul fool" serving up heaping portions of glistening fishscale bars that can and should be counted as some of the rawest musings of any MC today not only for their street life intricacy, but more so because of their alone-in-my-my-thoughts-as-I-sit-in-my-squatter-@-3AM introspective intimacy.

From intro to outro (NOTE:  Yes, Kyle and I BOTH know that I've gotta get the fuck in the studio ASAP my nigga.  I've already got some of that official Acetone stinkin' work ready shun.  Y.O.U. DID call it right though ... lol.), the self proclaimed "Waiter" delivers that "Certified" "Live Nigga Rap" and invites the world to witness "The Bizness" on his terms.  Hey, Y.O.U. already know ... "Every superhero needs his theme music" (NOTE:  That's an O.G. "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka" quote right there boys and girls.  I would normally publish a brief explanatory adendum to this post to school yall, buuuuuuuuut, this post is all about supporting my brother and his latest project.  Act like Y.O.U. know).  Good shit!

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