Friday, November 11, 2011


CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Lacking the Summer seasonal introductory holiday fanfare of Memorial Day, Veterans Day has unfortunately largely become a halfhearted lazy and spiritless salute to the troops - past and present - whom sacrificed life and limb in the name of our country. There are no promises of hickory smoked salmon BBQ's each year come November 11th, just yellow and burnt orange foliage falling from the trees along New York City's 5th Avenue like so much ticker tape during a parade that most are too busy to attend.

My personal feelings towards America's continuing self serving policies of global colonialism under the guise of "Democracy Building" aside, I hold no animus towards my brave brothers and sisters enlisted in the United States Armed Forces. Our union is far from perfect, however, the freedoms that Y.O.U. and I so easily take for granted without as much as a 2nd thought given to how such liberties are ensured us are exactly what these brave men and women fight for each and every day!

Yes, I know that shit is fucked up, but please exercise some emotional restraint and try, try, try to apply a rational perspective to our irrational world ... things could be a lot worse boys and girls. Stop playing. Remember: All gave some, but some gave all. Happy Veterans Day 2011!

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