Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A New World ... 10 Years Later.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: I can't believe that it's been 10 years since the attacks of September 11, 2011. But, yup, my calendar and the bordering on obsessive wall-to-wall onslaught of news coverage - that vacillates between sincere recognition of this horrific event coupled with the now sadly typical perfunctory emotionally manipulative "fair and balanced" reportage that we have come to expect from the majority of news outlets - let me know that indeed it has been that long. SMH.

As is my practice each year on this somber anniversary I forgo my personal politics and, instead, choose to focus on ALL of the brave men and women whom made the ultimate sacrifice on that fateful day. The patriotism and all around good feelings that once ascended from the ashes of the toppled World Trade Center long ago gave way to a new distinctive logic resistant brand of xenophobia and a nasty partisan divide that only widens with each day (NOTE: Particularly now that Obama is in office), but, nope ... no politics for me today.

Ironically, the grand master of the "hot mic" gaffe, Vice President Joe Biden, delivered quite possibly the most eloquent and ambitious of quotes with regard to 9/11 @ a memorial this Sunday in Shanksville, PA where 40 passengers and crew members died while trying to retake United Airlines Flight 93, "My prayer for you is that, 10 years later, their memory can bring a smile to your lips before tears to your eyes." Wooooooooow! That shit right there just about says it all my G. My thoughts and prayers go out to Y.O.U. and your families. GOD bless. Peace.

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