Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy (Belated) Labor Day 2011!!!!

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: As the last remnants of savory backyard BBQ scented air get carried off on the waning, now slightly chill-infused breezes of Summer 2011 it is once again time for us ALL to kiss the beaches and swanky hotel rooftop parties goodbye and simultaneously salute our nation's workforce this Labor Day 2011.

Thanks to what is clearly a time-share scheduling snafu of epic proportions, each year, on this national holiday, our shared sorrow of 90-degree days lost forcibly collides with our collective admiration for the working man and woman - feelings that are seemingly @ cross-purposes and thereby make for the oddest of emotional bed fellows. Awk-warrrrrrd. Trust me homie, I be knowing. However, the optimist that I am allows me to enthusiastically look forward to Fall ... and F.ashion N.ight O.ut ... and Halloween ... and Thanksgiving ... and Christmas. SMH. Dammit man! This year is flying by fast ... lol.

In any event, this post aint all about me and how I choose to fight the post-Summer blues. So, to conclude this belated Labor Day 2011 missive I shall borrow the powerful closing quote from my previous Labor Day 2010 post: "If only for 1 day, contrary to what our friend young Calogero Anello in the classic movie "A Bronx Tale" thinks, the working man is NOT a sucka ... lol. Cheers to Y.O.U.!" HAPPY LABOR DAY 2011!

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