Friday, March 30, 2012

The Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low 2012 = The Elephant NOT Quite Yet In The Room.

"It looks like Supreme and Nike SB are getting in bed once again for what can only result in pandemonium. Revisiting the Jordan inspired elephant print dunk lows of 2002, Supreme is switching things up, infusing a heavy dose of red to the upper, set off by the Supreme box logo printed across the insoles. Stay with us for further information on this 10 year anniversary release."

Information Courtesy Of: Highsnobiety.Com x Sneakernews.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Whilst it would seem that the entire sneaker loving universe is trapped in the unrelenting death grip of a full fledged Nike Foamposite frenzy brought on, no doubt, by a retro revisionist history that has taken what was originally a marginally popular pair of sneakers and deified them beyond rational belief in their retail resurrection, some of us O.G. Kicks connoisseurs still fondly remember when the SB Dunk was the undisputed heavyweight champeen of all major quick strike releases.

Fittingly, 10 years after their groundbreaking inaugural creative conspiracy to divide the sneaker world between them, streetwear demigods Supreme NYC have once again joined forces with Nike - the only sneaker company that REALLY matters (NOTE: I mean, I'm an equal opportunity spender when it comes to any and all things that my ever discerning eye identifies as fly - high price being neither an attraction or a disincentive when purchasing an item - but when it comes to kicks my nigga ... Let's be real) - to commemorate this auspicious anniversary with this Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low drop for 2012.

This updated collabo combines the thoughtful and aesthetically smart Air Jordan "Elephant" print that made the original 2002 Dunk lows so popular with a vibrant Chicago Bulls-esque colorway of red uppers and toecaps offset by the subtle "Supreme" and Nike Skateboarding (NOTE: Y.O.U. knew that's what the "SB" in Nike SB stood for, right? Right? Don't play with me.) "SB" logo branded insoles, black accents and black signature Nike "Swoosh".

Sounds awesome, right? Hold up though, with no confirmed release date set for these Geological Society of America® approved gems, Hipsters AND decidedly haute couture hoods alike are just gonna have to chill, stack that fetti and dream a little Supreme dream in the meantime. Stay on point my niggas. This is Livestyle.

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