Sunday, March 18, 2012

A$AP Rocky Talks His Forthcoming Debut Album, Touring With "Wheelchair Jimmy" x Why The "2012 XXL Freshman Class" Is "Corny As Fxck!" @ SXSW 2012 @ Fuse.Com.

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Whilst I still can't fully wrap my ever independent, artistically sophisticated and stylishly appointed mind around all of the hype surrounding desperately "Trill", Houston, Texas Hip Hop impersonator, A$AP Rocky, I DO respect this young man's candor. This nigga is right! The "XXL Freshman Class" list is perennially "corny" ... and this year is no fucking different.

Intended to highlight all of the cool, new talent that Hip Hop fans have to look forward to, this sad showcase has only become a painful yearly reminder that A) 99% of what remains of the former Hip Hop industry power structure as we knew it is still inhabited by dick rider zombie-like dullards whom lack either the balls and/or brains necessary to be creative and B) today's D.I.Y. music scene has simultaneously destroyed the entertainment industry's aloof "old guard" (NOTE: A beautifully liberating thing!) and let everybody with a microphone, an FL Studio program and a Youtube account become a star! (NOTE: Not such a cool thing.) *Cue Kanye Shrug* Ehhh, what Y.O.U. gonna do? #SWAG

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