Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Breguet Marine Tourbillon Ref. 5839 High Jewellery Chronograph Watch = Semper FLY!

"In the watch world diamonds seem to make just about everything better. This Ref. 5839 Marine Tourbillon High Jewellery watch is a diamond encrusted version of the Ref. 5937 from a few years ago. Breguet outfitted the watch case and dial with an impressive amount of diamonds, but still was able to retain that signature Breguet Marine watch look.

The 43mm wide 18k white gold case as about 11.77 carats of stones on it. One of the neatest parts is how Breguet was able to maintain the coined edge of the case using specially cut diamonds. Also not the unique pattern the diamonds create for the bezel. On the dial smaller diamonds are set in the middle of the dial and don't overshadow the hands. The dial itself is silvered 18k gold. Overall Breguet did a great job giving a men's jewelry watch a functional face.

Inside the watch is a Breguet caliber 554.4 manually wound tourbillon movement with the time and a chronograph complication. The watch has 50 hours of power reserve with special features that include a silicium balance spring and escapement wheel."

Information Courtesy Of: Luxist.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Although a strong case can be made that bacon, when added to x__________________________ (insert the name of otherwise mundane food of your choice here), can make any meal better the same cannot always be said for diamonds when applied to the high end world of horology. As we have discussed @ length here @ Livestyle, simulated diamonds birthed from chemistry labs have taken the jewelry world by storm, much to the dismay of purists like myself. Additionally, even natural diamonds - especially when plastered recklessly across a watch - can make for a gauche show of perceived riches. Indeed, a balance between fancy and function can be hard to strike. However, leave it to the masters of complications @ the House Of Breguet to score a perfect landing with their Breguet Marine Tourbillon Ref. 5839 High Jewellery Chronograph Watch.

Awash in 186 pieces of baguette-cut diamonds (NOTE: Weighing a total 11.77 carats) this watch is the diamond laced direct descendant of the Marine 5837 introduced in 2007. Ensconced under sapphire crystal this classy chronograph features an 18KT white gold body with a rose gold Tourbillon engine dancing across the dial.

Exceptional by any standard, the hand-wound tourbillon movement Marine 5839 High Jewellery Chronograph Watch represents yet another milestone achievement for the Breguet firm. Good show old chap. Good show!

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