Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Brand New Piaget Altiplano Full Pave Dial Watch For 2011 = I've Got Something Very Nice Up My French Cuffed Sleeve.

"For a truly elegant watch you can always rely on the Piaget Altiplano. It looks good on both men and women, and comes in a variety of styles - each in a thin, round case. For 2011 the Altiplano gets a full pave (diamond covered) dial with matching diamond covered bezel. The diamonds are brilliant-cut and applied in a concentric circle pattern. Depending on the model, the pieces will have between 574-735 diamonds on them.

What are the two versions? Piaget offers the Altiplano Pave Dial watch in a 34mm wide or 38mm wide 18k gold case. The 34mm wide version is clearly a women's model, while the 38mm wide version is for either men or women. There are so many diamonds on the dial that the sheer level of the sparkle is almost distracting! Piaget even had to apply their logo on the bottom of the sapphire crystal as there was no room on the bejeweled face. Still, the dials are legible thanks to the white gold baton style hour markers and dauphine hour and minute hand. The design offers a pleasing mix of jewelry and minimalism.

There are more diamonds on the buckle of the white or black alligator strap. As is the case with all Altiplano watches, this one is very thin. The Piaget made caliber 430P manually wound movement is just 2.1mm thick, and the case is not that much thicker. Showy, but still elegant, the Piaget Altiplano Pave Dial watch is a great item for special occasions or when you are try to be less than subtle on a first date."

Information Courtesy Of: Luxist.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: Much like the opiate infused "Heroin Chic" trend (NOTE: A term that I shall revisit and redefine shorty. Stay tuned.) that was so popular in fashion and music circles during the mid 1990's, being ultrathin is once again "in" with watch enthusiasts.

I can't lie, as a young admirer of luxury timepieces, I formerly worshipped @ the gaudy altar of chunky oversized watches awash in diamonds of questionable grade and chock-full of plastic sub standard movements. My taste buds had become over salted by "bling" and I seemed to forget what I had come here for in the 1st place. Thankfully, I kicked that habit early and regained my horological focus ... lol.

In any event, while I still fancy a well made oversized watch, I am no longer so singularly devoted in my appreciation of high end timekeeping instruments. Case In Point: The brand new Piaget Altiplano Full Pave Dial Watch for 2011.

This slender time teller is perfect for both true lovers of masterful complications and those still trying to ween themselves off of a potentially debilitating dependency on crude displays of diamonds. Available in a 34mm wide (NOTE: For women.) or 38mm wide (NOTE: For men and/or women.) 18kt white gold case and haloed by brilliant-cut white diamonds, this watch is certainly not for the shy. However, Piaget (NOTE: Which, although founded in 1874 by Georges Edouard Piaget, has been actively perfecting the art of ultrathin timepieces since 1957.) manages to find a beautiful balance between flash and class with this celebrated model that is more beguiling than belligerent.

It's funny, right? You've pretty much gotta have a fat ass bank account to even think about purchasing a skinny showstopper like this. And that, folks, is what we call irony ... lol. Think thin for the win!

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