Friday, May 4, 2012

Grow Up: Re-Examining The Classic Polo Shirt (A Livestyle Continuing Education Course)

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The Ralph Lauren Polo Custom-Fit RL Print Big Pony Is Available Online Here: Ralphlauren.Com

The Ralph Lauren Polo Classic-Fit Surfer Print Polo Is Available Online Here: Ralphlauren.Com

CHRIS LIVE AKA SHAKER SAYS: On the heels of a recent involuntary sabbatical due to back spasms brought on by years of trap induced stress, I have once again returned upright in both my disposition and posture to punch-out my signature brand of pithy prose. It's been a minute. However, combine my writer's rust with a rapidly approaching Summer season that regularly offers fashionably sober men little sartorial options and, now, I've REALLY got an uphill battle on my hands.

What to do?

Welp, in times like this when cut and sew inspiration is in short supply, I find it comforting to reexamine the classics and peel the surface back on the obvious for a fresh take on style. Somewhat surprisingly, after taking a dirt nap somewhere back around 2007, the plain white t-shirt has been reborn.

Long gone are the XXXL sleep dress sized shirts of yesteryear. No, today's reincarnated tees are worn true to size and, if not strictly being used as a modest sweat barrier undershirt, are probably a v-neck. Bravo Hip Hop! Bravo! Convenient as they may be though, white t-shirts alone do not a Summer wardrobe make. Re-enter the polo shirt.

One need not actually enjoy this 1%er pastime or even designer de Americana, Ralph Lauren (NOTE: Y.O.U. really don't rock with Ralphie though? Like, for real my nigga? SMH. Perish the thought.), in order to dress like a true player in this "Sport Of Kings". Of course, for me, Mr. Lipschitz is the shit, but to lazily stop there would be to ignore a world, no, a universe of superlative options from some the world's greatest luxury brands. To that end, as your venerable curator of cool, I have taken the liberty of assembling a small selection of consistently fly polo styles perfect for discerning fashion hounds come the "dog days" of Summer. Take a look player. Yup, I still put the "G" in GQ! This is Livestyle.

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